Capaes is a residential area on Route Spondylus located 17 kilometers from Salinas and about 120 kilometers from Guayaquil.

The shape of the beach is a semi-enclosed bay average gradient. urbanization is observed except for a bluff across mountains and rocky shallow with formation of algae on its surface sector.

The climate in Playa Capaes is quite sunny during the months of December to April. In these months, temperatures are quite warm, with an average of 28 ° C. From May to November, temperatures are warmer, with an average of 26ºC.

Playa Capaes there are different activities like surfing (it has big and small waves and the conditions are very good also for beginners), hiking, fishing, boat rides, swimming, skiing, photography, research of flora and fauna.

To relax you can go to eat rich dishes of fish prepared with different area of sea.

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Punta Centinela
Punta Centinela

6 Km North

Punta Blanca
Punta Blanca

8 Km North


2 Km South


7 Km South

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