Punta Blanca

Punta Blanca is a small community located in the province of Santa Elena, 12 km from Salinas.

Punta Blanca beach is a point on the Ecuadorian coast of extensive development in recent years. Here you can perform some activities such as fishing, water skiing, recreational boardwalks, soccer, rugby, tennis or beach volleyball.

Punta Blanca gastronomy is varied, there is a wide range of positions that specialize in dishes from the coast.

Punta Blanca beach is wide, covers an area of ​​3710 meters are about. Since the road has 14 tickets to different sections of the beach at Punta recommend 7 is one of the busiest.

In Punta Blanca there is a marina where you can see the blue Atlantic Ocean. The peculiarity of being located on a slope makes him a good vantage point for any visitor.

The climate of this area is dry with an average temperature of 25 ° C.The waters of this coast are quiet and warm. Ideal to relax and swim a good time.

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