Punta Centinela

It is located in the Province of Santa Elena on the route of Spondylus near Punta Blanca.

Punta Centinela is a beach that offers a tourist service of the most developed of the Costa del Ecuador. A mixture of traditional and modern architecture results in a beautiful place to enjoy.

In the Sentinel coast you can find exclusive restaurants and hotels. Tourists can taste typical dishes of the region and stroll through the shops that have been developed through economic investments.

The climate is dry beach Sentinel and its annual average temperature is 25 degrees Celsius. The water is warm blue-green and silver gray sand are for the eyes of any traveler a good time.

In sentinel Playa you can make different activities such as sport fishing, kayaking, water skiing, recreational boardwalks, soccer, rugby, tennis or beach volleyball.

Sentinel is a space that provides opportunities for reflection and relaxation with family, friends or alone.

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Punta Blanca
Punta Blanca

1 Km North

San Pablo
San Pablo

4 Km North


6 Km South


8 Km South

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