Tonsupa Beach is located about 5 km and 21 km from Atacames Esmeraldas. It has an extension of 6 km around the water it is transparent with a faint greenish color.

Tonsupa access is by bus companies Atacameñita, Costeñita, Pacific Zambrano, interplayas 1 2. The hours are from 06:00 am until 22:00 pm and the frequency every 30 minutes.

It is clear that public transport is handled by the atacames route, only 2 interplaya access to part of the boardwalk.

Tonsupa has an important tourist infrastructure like Atacames, to meet the needs of tourists. It was the sector of the boardwalk to the beach are gathered merchants offering various services such as rent chairs and umbrellas, food and drinks and board rental .

Caipiriñeras are also the cabins where the traveler enjoys a variety of music and cocktails in some food service is also offered.

Tonsupa Beach comprises a wide 20-100 meters in the spa area to the north of Tonsupa you can see a short-term agricultural activities (such as corn) and presence of livestock in smaller amounts.



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