Tonchigue is located about 18 km and 44km Atacames Esmeraldas, the beach has an area of 2.8 km long which is visited by national and foreign tourists throughout the year.

The bus route connecting Tonchigue are Atacameñita, Costeñita, Pacific Zambrano, Tabiazo River flow schedule is from 06:00 AM to 22:00 PM. With a frequency of every 30 minutes covering a distance of 18 km to Atacames.

The average temperature in Tonchigue is 25 ° C, the water is transparent to a faint greenish. The sand is fine, gray and black spots due to the presence of ferrite. In certain sections conchilla presence is observed.

Tonchigue Beach has a slight slope which gives a gentle surf, are towards the ends Same beach on one side and Tonchigue the mouth of the river to the other side.

In the stretch of beach where the population there is a small jetty whose function is as a retaining wall when aguaje.

The tourist service in Tonchigue in rate is good, gastronomy and provides some accommodations. It is ideal to visit during the day and then leave for another place or return to the base lodge.



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Playa Cumilinche

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