Playa Cumilinche

Cumulinche beach is located about 18 km from Atacames and includes 4 km of coastline for domestic and foreign tourists visit this heavenly place throughout the year.

Their temperatures ranging from 21 ° C to 32 ° C and its main attractions are the views of the sea turtles that come to these shores to spawn.

Also, C umilinche corresponds to the area of dry subtropical forest, this provides a beach surrounded by coconut trees and grassland. Its main business activities are traditional fishing and tourism.

In Cumilinche the traveler will appreciate the fishermen during the afternoons sewing their nets and preparing the boat to go fishing the next morning. It is interesting to approach because that is where one can appreciate the culture of the people.

Cumilinche coast due to its characteristics provides ideal conditions for practicing water sports such as diving boat ride, tours of the surrounding area, etc.

It is worth mentioning that there are archaeological and timber funds in Cumilinche. In the c entered the village can be seen humble craft stalls and food stalls to appreciate the rich maritime gastronomy.

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Playa Galera

6 Km South