Playa Piqueros

Boobies is just a few minutes from Puerto Lopez.

The beach is nice boobies visit between the months of June to September where you can observe the migrating whales.

Among other attractions, the traveler can visit the viewpoints, mangroves, marine platform, surfing, boating and fishing craft.

The tourist service offers a wide range Piqueros for traveling, accommodation (lodges, cabins, rooms, camping) and food (restaurants, canteens) to taste typical dishes.

Prices vary in relation to the January to June seasons (high); July to December (low). Not forget that bargaining is part of travel and must always ask for a discount.

Useful information:

  • Distance from Guayaquil: 198 km. Approx .; Guayaquil liaison jipijapa or Guayaquil to Puerto Lopez - Puerto Lopez.
  • Quito distance: 500 km. Approx.
  • Bus estimated price: $ 8.00 (Guayaquil), $ 10.00 (Quito)
  • Estimated time: 3: 00hs (Guayaquil) 6: 39hs (Quito)


Puerto Lopez

3 Km North


3 Km South

Isla Salango

5 Km South

Puerto Rico

8 Km South

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