Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is located south of the province of Manabi, on Route Spondylus. It's a long coastline bathed by the Pacific Ocean.

The pristine beach of Puerto Rico has a tropical climate which varies between 20 ° and 25 ° degrees, the coast is covered with palm trees, ideal for the traveling camp in and around this in tranquility.

In Puerto Rico you can find some hostels, profitable to stay rooms or spaces for camping.

The waters off the coast of Puerto Rico are calm therefore can develop various water sports or hiking through the place appreciate nature.

Useful information:

  • Distance from Guayaquil: 195 km. Approx .;
  • Quito distance: 494 km. Approx.
  • Bus estimated price: $ 8.00 (Guayaquil); $ 10.00 (Quito)
  • Estimated time: 3: 00hs (Guayaquil) 6: 30hs (Quito)



5 Km North

Las Tunas

2 Km South


5 Km South

Rio Ayampe

5 Km South

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