San Jose

San Jose is located 10 minutes from Puerto Cayo and 35 minutes from the city of Manta, on the Ruta del Sol, in the province of Manabi.

Virgin beach of San José is 20 km long, combines a particular nature where you will find the combination of sea with natural springs, Cane River and shrimp.

Visitors can venture into San Jose and practice traditional fishing, deep and surface diving, surfing, hiking and walks on the beach, visit the viewpoints over the cliffs.

The flora and fauna have an intense expression, since there is a 2-hectare mangrove where you can dabble in the same boat and there observe monkeys, birds (red and blue-footed boobies, albatrosses, etc.)

There is also a living coral, fossilized shell over meter and a half high. Among the flora you can see cacti, palms, guavas, salty, coconut and others.

Useful information:

  • Distance from Guayaquil: 428 km. Approx .;
  • Quito distance: 460 km. Approx.
  • Bus price: $ 8.00 (Guayaquil), $ 9.00 (Quito)
  • Estimated time: 5: 00hs (Guayaquil) 5: 30hs (Quito);
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