San Pablo

At kilometer 15 of the highway is Playa San Pablo a typical fishing village in Ecuador. Here you can see gadua native reed houses with thatched shed.

Reference to reach San Pablo, it lies about 16 kilometers from Santa Elena and about 28 kilometers of Salinas.

It is ideal for visitors who intend to rest and silenced place. The climate is dry with temperatures averaging 25 ° C, the sea is the greatest fortune of this place. Variety of fish occur in these waters such as: sea bass, tuna, sardines, sole, sea bass, liza, weevil; shrimps, etc.

During the summer season is the month of December to April the beach San Pablo becomes crowded by tourists. Well services such as kiosks, tents and soccer and volleyball.

San Pablo has on their road many larveros, they call it a shrimp farming, with its artisan networks engaged in fishing for these coveted species.

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