Agua Blanca

Agua Blanca is located about 12 km north of Puerto Lopez and approximately about 5 km from the main road.

One of its main attractions is its own archaeological history of the Manta culture 1500 years BC Here the traveler will appreciate in the archaeological museum of Agua Blanca, ceramic objects like pots with legs of tree ferns, jars, whistles, clay candlesticks, vases with stirrup-shaped handle painted in two colors, massive human figures painted red or with bands that color.

Other attractions of San Sebastian Agua Blanca are there you can find a natural landscape where there are surpluses of natural forests.

The lagoon natural sulfur which is covered with a white coating over the sunrises due to concentrations of sulfur coming from an underground volcanic root. It gives the name given to the commune.

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7 Km North

Puerto Cayo

7 Km North

Puerto Lopez

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